EAT THINK GROW  provides short-term and long-term support for school garden education and farm to school programs in the Pacific Northwest. We integrate garden education into the classroom, design garden beds and create annual and year around garden plans, train teachers, and regionalize the food in your cafeteria.


Linda Colwell
Project Manager and Curriculum Design. Chef, founder of the Garden of Wonders, the Abernethy Kitchen for Portland Public Schools, and Eat Think Grow.

Sheralee Connors
Curriculum Development Writer.

Sandra Ultreras

Design and Page Layout. Sandra was born in Oaxaca Mexico. She attained her BA in Fine Arts, and currently enjoys the practice of making things, whether it be knitting, sewing, canning, gardening, or keeping her two boys busy with creative projects. She does freelance design in her spare time.

Jesse Nellis

Illustrator. Jesse Nellis was born in Oaxaca Mexico. He attained his MA in Leadership for Sustainability Education in Portland OR, where he has been working as an Arborist for the past five years. In his free time, he illustrates children’s books, and other projects.

Sarah Sullivan
Garden Education Design. Sarah is the Program Coordinator for Abernethy Elementary’s award-winning School Kitchen Garden Program (www.gardenofwonders.org). She taught landscape and permaculture design in Hawaii and co-founded Hawaii SEED. Sarah is the former executive director for the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association.

Tim Hahn
Garden Education Design. A 30-year plus veteran of teaching elementary students in Portland, Oregon, Tim, developed the learning gardens at Buckman Elementary School. Retired from the classroom, Tim provides instruction and curriculum development at the Learning Gardens Lab and the Sauvie Island Center. He is a founder of the Learning Gardens Institute (www.learninggardensinstitute.org), the Portland-based non-profit organization that supports local school initiatives that develop food- and garden-based programs. Tim brings a foundation of inquiry-based learning to garden based education.

Every project is built on collective knowledge and resources, varied perspectives, and time. Over the years a number of individuals have contributed directly or indirectly.

Thank you, Jill Kuehler, Kristin Anton, Beret Halverson, Vanessa Herald, Nori Gordon, Macy Zwanzig, Rob Wees, Caitlin Blethen, Alice Froehlich, Tom Myers, Nicole Hoffman, Sheralee Connors, Kris Swanson, Kristy Obbink, Shannon Stember, Amy Sutton, Ewan Brawley, Mary Patterson, Tammy Barron, and Pat Olson. There are receptive ears for all kinds of ideas.


Every project is built on organizations that are able to see potential and good work in the community. This project is built on the trust and relationships that come as a result of that good work in the community. Thank you, Bill Healy Foundation, Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit, New Seasons Market, Abernethy Elementary, and All Hands Raised (formerly know as the Portland Schools Foundation).

This project stretches back to 1999 and the Portland Chefs Collaborative. Thank you, Greg Higgins, Krista Anderson, Debra Sohm, and David Yudkin. Slow Food Portland provided seed money and Alice Waters. Thank you.