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Gardening Resolutions

Why, hello there. Remember me? I’ve been taking a little break to visit with family and friends and dip my toes into the ocean. While I was lolling away on the beach I dreamed up lots of new recipes, a really good…Read More »

Seed Catalogs Galore

It’s official. I need a bigger garden. In fact, I need a way bigger garden to fit all of the seeds I’m going to order. I came home from my three weeks away to a mailbox stuffed with seed catalogs. I’ve looked…Read More »

Let’s Dig In and Help Out

This morning in his inauguration address President Obama (!) called on all Americans to give back to our country.  He said: What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility – a recognition, on the part of every American,…Read More »

Canning Goal Update

You have got to love this new T-shirt designed by Jen Harris of Black Sheep Heap. It’s part of a series of 3 designs that Harris created as a fundraiser for Just Food, a really cool non-profit based in New York City.…Read More »

Craving Tomatoes

Last week I ordered a hamburger at a local greasy spoon. It came topped with a limp scrap of lettuce and a mushy, mealy, pink, sorry excuse for a tomato. We’ve had miserable fog, thick frost, black ice, and snow flurries, but…Read More »

Spice Things Up

Let me introduce you to a match made in food heaven: kosher salt and red pepper flakes. My friends Kari and Jesse introduced us to this delightful condiment combo at a make-your-own-pizza party last spring, and I’ve had a dish of the…Read More »