By | June 22, 2017

Last week I ordered a hamburger at a local greasy spoon. It came topped with a limp scrap of lettuce and a mushy, mealy, pink, sorry excuse for a tomato. We’ve had miserable fog, thick frost, black ice, and snow flurries, but it was this duo of pathetic vegetables that made me long for summer.

Flipping through seed catalogs and plotting my salad succession plan did not get me out of my funk. No. Only some straight up food porn would do. So I hopped on my laptop and brought up the Etsy shop foodchic. Wendy Dooldeniya’s gorgeous portraits of tomatoes were just the ticket.

The lovely green tomatoes seem like a promise to me that summer–and tomatoes picked straight off the vine–will come eventually, and a reminder that I should stick to eating my stash of frozen homegrown tomatoes until then.